Gratitude Warranty


GRATITUDE™ does whatever we can to produce the highest quality boards on the market. We offer a 30 day manufacturing warranty and a 90 day limited warranty (as defined within) on our epoxy boards. We do quality checks in our factories and in our storage in an effort to guarantee each board’s quality before shipping to retail or the customer. We cannot guarantee against damage and cannot protect or warranty against circumstances outside of our control linked to use of the boards.

30 Day Warranty

The 30 Day Warranty begins effective the day the retail customer purchases the product as identified on transaction receipt and is non-transferable. If within the 30 Day period the product becomes defective, you will need to contact GRATITUDE™. You will be asked for a copy of a sales receipt and photos of the defective nature in question, as well as original packaging material to verify if damage was due to shipping or not. GRATITUDE™ will thoroughly review the data and evaluate if the product is defective. If it is deemed a manufacturing or material flaw, it will need to be returned to the dealer the board was purchased from. Upon physical review, GRATITUDE™ will make the final determination as to the nature of the damage or flaw and issue an available replacement product. The 30 Day Warranty does not include products that have incurred damage or breakage from use of product.

90 Day Limited Warranty

After the initial 30 Day Warranty has expired, GRATITUDE™ offers an additional limited 90 Day (after time of purchase) Warranty that covers only total delamination of the skin from the EPS core. The warranty does not apply to boards that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight or intense heat or boards that have incurred damage or breakage.

Warranty will not apply for incorrect setup or if used in commercial, rental or teaching environments. Cosmetic Flaws that do not affect the functionality or performance of the boards are not applicable and not covered under the policy.

Product Replacement

GRATITUDE™ will provide repair or replacement board for any board deemed to be defective or having defect materials. All boards should be returned to the Authorized GRATITUDE™dealer that they were purchased from. The Authorized GRATITUDE™dealer will act on behalf of GRATITUDE to provide the customer with the repair or replacement product depending on model availability.