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The Submersible Yellow

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The Submersible board is one of the most innovative and exciting paddleboards to hit the water. This board is 10ft 5in tall, 32 in wide, 6 inches thick for maximum buoyancy and stability. IT has a custom designed polycarbonate viewing port at the top so you can lay flat on the board while viewing the reef below. We spent a lot of time developing this window to make it very practical and hold up with wear and tear. This viewing section also has a bungee mount so its a great place for storage. This is a great board for cruising, diving, yoga and so much more. Invest in the submersible for and intertwine with the marine life below.

• The board “10ft 5 in x 32in wide x 6in thick”
• 3 part carbon fiber paddle
• Backpack for storage
• Fiber glass honeycomb fins
• Ankle leash
• High pressure pump
• Extensive Warranty
• A repair kit

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