Gratitude Rentals

At Gratitude we are passionate about growing a network of rental outlets that will supply you with high quality watersports equipment at an affordable price. Currently we are just proving our concept in South Florida but soon we will take this concept to every coastline imaginable.

Delivery Locations
Currently we deliver from Delray beach to Miami Florida, however we are quickly expanding. Would you like to resell our boards at your location? If so, go to our ambassador page!
Please note, delivery has a flat fee of $100.
Please specify the name of the boards/products and their amounts.
Renting Policies: Do you acknowledge that we are not liable for any injuries or even death. You are responsible for your own actions while using our equipment. During the agreed rental time frame you take over all ownership and responsibility of the goods.
This is to assure that you have fully understood our T.O.S and that you hold full responsibility for any repercussions/fines/damages etc... states in the T.O.S.
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