Gratitude Boards Maintenance

Do not store your boards in direct sunlight. Keep in shaded areas, carports, or garages when not in use. Extreme heat is damaging to boards and is not covered under warranty. Rinse boards off after use, especially when used in salt water. Do not transport boards in bubble wrap, as the wrap acts like a microwave. Reflective bags are recommended for travel, but should not be used as storage in extreme heat.
Make sure vent plug is screwed in “tight to the right”- do not ever turn it to the left or unscrew it. Use your fingers to tighten the vent, do not use a tool and do not over-tighten. Make sure your fin screw is tight before you go into the water. Fins should be removed occasionally and fin box rinsed out. Fins should never hit the sand. Walk the board out into the water so that the fin never hits the bottom. When coming into shore, hop off of the board and walk it in. The boards should be turned over with fin facing up when on the shore. Take care, especially when surfing, to stay away from sand bars.
Generally speaking, paddle height is 8-10 inches above the paddler’s head. Some people like it shorter for surfing and some like it longer for paddling. Standing with no shoes on, with arm raised (not overextended), your paddle should sit in your palm. Adjustable paddles are great for multiple paddlers. Note: Paddles are not to be used as a push pole! They should be used to push water only.
Please carefully inspect all freight upon delivery. Please inspect box and unwrap contents, have the carrier document in writing a detailed description of the damages on box or board before signing anything, tell driver you wont accept due to shipping damage, and contact us immediately. If you sign or the person receiving the product signs for the board and takes the damaged freight and driver leaves or you drive away with it, your board is not liable to replace it. You will have to pay return freight charges in order to get a replacement.