Introducing The “GRATITUDE Roller”
Fitness Product Of The Century !

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The GRATITUDE Roller is going to be in EVERY gym bag, skatepark, travel case, soon and is essential for any serious athlete trying to improve their game in every aspect possible. Though, it is not some boring, common fitness product. It is a ton of the fun and you will want to bring your roller with you at all times.

Designed with a focus on portability, versatility a ton of additional uses and military grade strength. It may seem like a very simple innovation from the surface but there are many ways you can use the GRATITUDE Roller. Sometimes the most simple ideas end up the most successful.

  PATENT PENDING!  Military Grade Technology Used 



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Check out a few different uses of this product below.

1. Back and Body Roller

Great for eliminating lactic acid build up after a long work out. Simply roll the roller over your back, allow your spine to be extended and release all tension build up from extended periods of sitting and other stressors.  This is essential during the recovery stage and we are here to make sure you will always have one wherever you may go because this product is highly portable. This one aspect of the product is sure to add extreme value to your training regimen.

Gratitude Roller For Back Pain

Great For Back Pain Relief


2. Balance Trainer

The GRATITUDE Roller can be paired with a custom GRATITUDE balance board and used for board sports training. Place your board of choice on the custom GRATITUDE Roller for a balancing act like never before. You can inflate the roller to many different pressures to switch up the ride. At high pressure above 15-25psi the ride is smooth as any other balance board on the market. Though when you deflate the unit below 10 psi you get more of a bouncy feel which allows for a different experience and allow for more flow and different maneuvers. This is a great training tool for all board sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, skim boarding and is also great for improving overall balance which will improve your game for all sports..There are popular balance trainers already on the market but we can offer a lot more value due to the portability factor and the fact that you can alter the pressure for a different ride style. There is no workout product that you will enjoy using more. Tighten the core and legs for a exhilarating workout that you will enjoy every time.

Great For all Board Sports Enthusiast!

Great For all Board Sports Enthusiast!


1. Stability Board 35″ x 20″ inches and designed for stability and fitness. The large surface area is great for yoga and all forms of training athletic training.

2. Trick Series board is 30″ x 8.75″inches and is great for practicing Skateboarding, snowboarding and all board sports. What moves are you going to pull off on your board?

3. The Cruiser Board is 40 x 15 inches and was designed for a more relaxed and flowing experience .

Balance Board development in underway and you will be able to follow our progress and help decide on your favorite designs during our campaign.

3rd pic 3rd design

3. Fitness Product of the Century

The GRATITUDE Roller is also a highly versatile fitness product and with numerous workouts designed and catering to it specifically. We are going to work with health science professionals, trainers and top athletes to create a workout program catered to the roller. Stay tuned for demonstration on our youtube channel and there is a fitness video coming soon so get ready.

Stay posted to watch our custom designed workouts that cater to the Roller..

The Push Up Roll

Planks Rolls

Squat Balance-

Balance Pushup With Balance Board

Leg Extension Roll

Oblique Tighten

Back Roller

Calf and Leg roll

4. Personal messager

personal massager

Stay Tuned for our Workout Video Showing all of the different maneuvers

DESIGNED TO BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST – Provides muscle soreness relief where you need it , when you need it!.Great for all key areas such as lower and upper back, neck, knee, ITB, quads, hamstrings, delts, and Shoulders.

PERFECT FOR SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE FOR ALL SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS: Crossfit, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Sports Beginners.

WORRY FREE TRAINING – DESIGNED SO YOU CAN GO HARDER FOR LONGER: Releases toxins in the muscles pre workout so you can drive yourself harder. It is also great post workout to speedup recovery to improve your overall performance. Also ideal for Sports Injury PREVENTION as well as REHABILITATION

We also have many other uses that will be released after our campaign. Follow our progress on

Do You want to be one of the first people to get a GRATITUDE Roller? Well please click what reward you would like to back on the right of our campaign screen and check out. We will be in touch with you and you will be able to select your favorite color and balance board design. Our first backers will have the chance to be ambassadors and grow with us. Please contact if you have any questions.

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