Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are becoming the new rage in the industry. The technology continues to improve, making inflatable SUPs a very practical alternative to the standard epoxy board. Some may still be skeptical at first and assume that these are a “pool toy,” but we are here to clear the water and to explain all that we have accomplished to make our paddleboards the most unique, durable and of the highest performance on the market.
Our boards are made with military-grade PVC . This material is extremely durable and can take a serious beating. We use the same material that is used by the US Coastguard on their inflatable boats that trek miles off shore to save people’s lives! Additionally, we use a high pressure valve that is tested up to 30 pounds per square inch (psi)! However, it only takes about 15-25 psi for a very firm and inflexible feel.

Each ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard) is manufactured by hand. We have a proprietary technique that we use to put them together and glue the seams, which prevents corrosion. We also double up with protective layers on the areas that endure the most stress such as the nose to ensure that these areas will withstand any beating from whatever lays in their way.

There are no limitations to where you can take your GRATITUDE ISUP! Our boards come in a backpack/ duffle bag that can easily be carried on your back. The portability of ISUPs opens up new opportunities for explorations that you may not have with the standard epoxy paddleboard. You can climb your nearest mountain and then paddle down the river through a canyon. Our boards are going to help you explore uncharted territory in cool confidence. Just go for it!