We admit it, we were hoping the standup paddleboard thing was just a trend. But then we met Micheal Weppner, charismatic surfer dude and founder of Gratitude Wellness, and suddenly found ourselves wishing he’d take over the whole category. The store on Weppner’s website features just two paddleboards, starting at $1,250. But about 10 more boards crowded his display space on the waterside promenade at One Spark. Our favorite was essentially a party barge, about 7 feet across at the widest point and 18 feet long. It’s so large it begs for a sail (“I’ve got one in the works,” Weppner said), but we could envision a nice lazy day of paddling and partying with a couple of friends on the inflatable behemoth. Smaller Gratitude boards fold up and fit in a duffle and come equipped with a pump for inflation. Paddle on, friends.

Chance of making it to market: 10 out of 10

Source: Popular Mechanics Click Here